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Do you have any worries regarding the seven pitfalls that retirees commonly face?

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Join us for our complimentary dinner and financial wellness seminar focusing on protecting your money. We will cover the state of the current economy, taxes and social security among other useful topics. Plus, dinner is on us!

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Looking to secure your financial future? đź’° Look no further!
Join us for an exclusive workshop and complimentary dinner where we’ll discuss:

  • Expert strategies for structuring your portfolio in today’s market.
  • Tax-savvy tips on passing your wealth to your loved ones.
  • Safeguarding your legacy from probate with an airtight estate plan.
  • Secrets to crafting an income plan that leaves no stone unturned.
  • Optimization hacks to maximize your Social Security benefits.
  • Plus much, much more!

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Don't Miss Our Next Seminar!

15 of 20 seats booked. Reserve your spot!

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About Our Team

Our team is composed of dedicated financial advisors specializing in providing comprehensive financial solutions for individuals near retirement. With a focus on holistic financial planning, we aim to empower our clients to be able to make informed decisions that align with your unique goals and aspirations.

Our endeavor to support clients through their financial journeys is a close collaboration with a team of experts, including Joseph Osborne, Kristin and Dan Sanderson, Jake Robinson, Jason Ogles, Adam Smith, and David Wilhite among others. This seasoned team brings a diverse range of skills and perspectives to the table. Together, they form a dynamic advisory group committed to delivering personalized and top-notch service to every client they serve.

As a passionate advocate for those nearing retirement, Joseph understands the challenges and opportunities that come with this important life stage. By taking a personalized approach, he and his team help clients navigate the complexities of retirement planning, ensuring they have a solid financial foundation for their golden years. From optimizing Social Security benefits to creating sustainable retirement income streams, Joseph and our team are committed to guiding clients towards a secure and fulfilling retirement.

In addition to serving individuals near retirement, our team also have a deep appreciation for the invaluable contributions made by healthcare workers. They recognize the unique financial needs and challenges healthcare professionals face and are dedicated to helping them achieve financial well-being amidst their demanding careers. Whether it’s managing student loan debt, creating a plan for future healthcare expenses, or optimizing investment strategies, our team provides tailored financial guidance to support the financial success of healthcare professionals.

If you are at or near retirement or if you are a healthcare professional seeking expert financial guidance that prioritizes you and your goals, we invite you to register for a seminar. We’d love to have a conversation with you to discuss how you can best be supported on your financial journey and through retirement. Together, you can create a roadmap towards financial freedom, peace of mind, and a comfortable future.